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Counselor's Corner

 Welcome to Mrs. Hladik’s Counselor’s Corner 

The counseling office at St. Mark's School offers a comprehensive school counseling program focused on helping each student develop the skills necessary to be successful in the areas of academic, personal-social, and career development.


The counseling program at SMS consists of classroom guidance lessons as well as individual and small group counseling. The Counselor visits each K-5 classroom monthly to cover topics such as bullying, kindness, respect, responsibility, acceptance, problem-solving, etc. In middle school SecondStep is covered. Please go to this website to learn more about this program:  


Small groups are offered at various times throughout the school year during times that do not interfere with learning. Referrals can be made by students, staff, and parents.


Listed are a few groups that may be offered:

·  Self-Esteem Group

·  Lunch Buddies

·  Friendship Group

·  Social Skills


 Please contact me if you have any questions at or at 316-796-1466 ext. 2822. 


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